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Rules and Guidelines

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Feb. 14th, 2009 | 01:51 pm
posted by: skyangelko in gyarugirl109

#1. We are gal online organization like many you seen on the web. We are open to all types of Gals.
#2. There shall be no flaming or rude comment toward race, gender, or different groups of fashion lovers. (Some Himegyaru use to be Lolita so absolutely don't say anything bad about them)
#3. When you post you must put a tag on your post. The tag should be in the category of subject you are talking about. (For example: If it's a Himegyaru question put it under put your tag as Himegyaru. If you have a general question put it under general question)
#4. Magazines that appear on our site have not been put up by us but have been found on other sites, please credit them when use them.
#5 This livejournal is an extension of Gyaru Gals 109 at www.freewbs.com/skyangelko
#6.  Please post reguarly.
#7. When introducing yourself  use this format:
Favored Style Type:
Favorite Place to Shop:
Pictures (if you have any):

The point is to blog and have fun. SO HAVE FUN!

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